I’m drinking from the saucer,
Since my cup is running o’r.
So many special blessings
Are directed to my door.

I have health, and friends and family,
There’s no need for wealth or gold.
And the way that people treat me—
Is so GREAT it can’t be told!

As I ponder my good fortune,
And reflect on each kind act,
I’m amazed I once felt cheated—
In “those days” when folk lacked tact.

Maybe it’s because I’ve changed some,
And delight to repay kind deeds.
As they come to me, I direct them away
To persons who have a need.

So although folk may say it is impolite
To tip the saucer up,
It’s a pleasure I must do this way,
Since there’s no more room in the cup!

-By Chaplain Don, 1986